OM Consulting is the union of two experts in the construction industry.

Ing. Michal Mühlbauer, PhD.

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Michal Muhlbauer has always been devoted to construction industry since his studies in the Czech Republic and France. He started his career delivering projects for a general contractor, then moved to work for a large multi-national client adviser, giving him an understanding of both service delivery and client requirements. Later, Michal worked as a free lance expert in construction. Michal has worked in the construction industry since 1997 and has over twelve years of experience in the project management service within the Czech Republic, USA, France and Hungary.

Ing. Ondřej Vala

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Since qualifying Ondřej Vala has gained experience as a general contractor's construction manager and planner, then as a senior project manager for a large developer. He can grasp and skillfully manage a project of any size from urban planning, through design and construction to operational handover. Ondřej has over eight years of experience in the project management service for a wide range of projects types and has proficiency in a number of foreign languages.

Profile of the Executive Director OM Consulting s.r.o. by Pavel Teňak.

Ing. Pavel Teňak

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He's been focusing on construction, development and real estate since his studies - as a general supplier for construction projects, a project manager, a client, a senior project manager and a consultant in the area of investments, business management and acquisitions.

In the area of constructions and development, he has been handling projects regarding industrial units, administrative buildings, a complete hotel reconstruction for an international operator, as well as residential projects.

In terms of business management, he has been working for prestige foreign inspection and certification companies as a head of division and a regional manager of industry division for eight years.

He has also participated in some acquisitions in the industry field.