Building A has just reached the first milestone which means that the foundation construction is finished.

OM Consulting has won a competition for both project and cost management of the exclusive Vanguard residential project of the PSN company.

For us, work is not only a professional and personal challenge, but also a mission and fun, say the owners and CEOs of OM Consulting Ing. Michal Mühlbauer, Ph.D., and Ing. Ondrej Vala in the current issue of Building World magazine.

Our office in Brno has won a tender for project management of the construction of a production plant and new headquarters of the company Značky Morava, a.s. in Krnov - a traffic sign manufacturer.

After the successful completion of the first phase of the Kotelna Park Radlice office project in Prague, which received the Building of the Year 2017 award, construction of the second phase for Red Group started. After the Project management work, we now continue with investor's technical supervision.

The sample rooms of the Mamaison Residence Downtown Prague hotel are ready Pod taktovkou OM Consulting zde probíhá rekonstrukce bývalého kancelářského objektu.

molo lipno promenada den 2


New Project Manager

molo lipno promenada den 2

A new member of the OM Consulting agency Project Management team is Vaclav Tichy

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