Social Bakers

Provided Services: Construction Management
Project Manager: Ing. Ondřej Vala
Ing. arch. Veronika Horáčková
Client: North-line a.s.
Cost Management: Ing. Martin Hvězda
General Contractor: N/A,
Architect: D3A architekti, Ing. arch. Tomáš Prouza, Ing. arch. Eva Macková
HVAC Engineers: AED project
Fit Out Architect: D3A architekti
Project Dates:
  • Design, Permits, Procurement 8/2014 – 12/2014
  • Construction 1/2015 - 3/2015
Investment Cost: 30 mil. CZK

Social Bakers rental unit, part of the Fórum Karlín Complex, follows the original industrial character of the building. Office is split into two floor levels (2nd and 3rd floor) with the total floor area of 3 500 m2. The office offers the necessary environment for the company employees including open space office, high-tech designed meeting rooms, education hall, recording studio, as well as plenty space for relax, gym, two kitchenettes with the coffee area plus the external summer terrace. The whole interior surfaces were left rough excluding the final finishings (dry lined walls, floors/walls), the HVAC mains were also left visible, the key materials of the interior design are glass, iron and chipboard.

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