Health and safety, OHSAS, HAZOP

A key aim of construction projects is their execution without any incidents and injuries. To meet this objective, risk management of the construction activities from the point of health and safety is necessary. The Health and Safety (H&S) agenda is controlled by the Health and Safety Coordinator. The activity of the H&S coordinator begins during the project preparation with the developmment of a detailed H&S plan considering all general and particular risks of the project. During the project execution the H&S coordinator is responsible for regular checks, monitoring and evaluation of the work process and correction/elimination of any risks found.

Why should you have a health and safety coordinator?

The current legislation requires all clients to employ a H&S coordinator for each building constructed by more than one contractor or a project which lasts for aamore than one contractor or a project. Other factors influencing this requirement include if the works shall be performed by more than 20 people for more than one working day or if the workload exceeds 500 working days for any one person.
For industrial projects the role of the H&S Coordinator is more involved, now including the coordination of the construction and production parts of the project (HAZOP).

Examples of particular activities of H&S coordinator

  • Development of a detailed H&S plan
  • Risk Assessment
  • Contractors´ Familiarization with H&S plan
  • Regular reporting of H&S defects
  • Regular photographic documentation of the H&S status
  • Regular reporting (meeting minutes) from H&S review meetings
  • Defects rectification status
  • Coordination with H&S technicians of (sub)contractors
  • Coordination of (sub)contractor activities to eliminate misunderstandings which could lead to incidents
  • Delivery of monthly H&S reports/audits
  • HAZOP – coordination of the construction procedures with the production technologies
  • General housekeeping inspections to ensure the site is kept clean and tidy