Having changed its ownership structure, Toyota Motor Manufacturing Czech Republic, s.r.o (TMMCZ), which is the current name of the former car factory Toyota Peugeot Citröen Automobile Czech, s.r.o (TPCA) located in the Industrial Park North at Ovčáry u Kolína, prepares an extension of its production portfolio by adding a hybrid model of Toyota Yaris. An inevitable part of this project is the construction of new buildings.


After the extension of the stamping and welding hall completed in July of the last year, the component pre-assembly hall including the new administration building was commissioned in February 2021.


OM Consulting secures for Toyota so called ORO (Onsite Representative Office) for chosen structures. Among other, its duties include the investor´s resident inspection, OHS coordination and the strategic coordination of project possibilities/needs and the existing production activities that have not been suspended during the execution of the construction works. The expert team is led by the experienced professional Petr Ďoubal.


Toyota promotes climate change technologies focused on the reduction of emissions on a long term basis. New environment saving technologies including heat pumps used for the heating of most new halls and the new office building have been implemented including the already existing buildings.