Who we are

OM Consulting is a leading Czech consulting company in the construction and development sectors. It is run by its founders, the experienced professionals Michal Mühlbauer and Ondřej Vala. In the space of just a few years, their hard work and unwavering principles have made the company what it is today: OM Consulting is a well-grounded company covering the full gamut of work in the construction industry. Unflinching in the face of competition from multinationals, OM Consulting is one of the top five companies in its field on the Czech market.


The team comprises around a hundred professionals who have devoted much of their careers to construction. Within just a few years of its formation in 2013, OM Consulting had reported turnover exceeding a hundred million crowns. Its clients include prominent Czech and foreign companies, developers, investors and banks.


To make the right choice of business partner, you also need to know their values, goals and visions. In today’s dynamic times, cooperation is often viewed through the narrow lens of products and lowest prices, but when we are handed large turnkey investment projects to manage, we feel it is also important to look at cooperation from the perspectives of quality, our understanding of our partners, and the way the two sides approach their work.


We have this innate conviction that things need to be done right, honestly and to a high quality so that the client receives the best possible service. This is the only way to accomplish our mission.