Lenders face a much bigger risk when financing something that has notbeen built yet than when financing existing real estate through a mortgage loan. This is why many banks and finance providers require bank monitoring as one of the conditions of the loan agreement. Bank monitoring is provided on the basis of a three-party agreement (OM Consulting, the bank and the investor). The process normally has the following three stages:

1. phase

Before the loan is drawn, the project is audited from various viewpoints. All the permits required for the project are reviewed, the terms and guarantees under the construction contractor’s contract are reviewed, milestones are checked, and the amount of the planned costs, the current rate of progress and the current rate of financing is approved.

2. phase

During construction, our team regularly inspects the site, usually once a month, to verify that the work is being done according to plan, in line with the contract for work and at the agreed quality. These inspections form the basis for a monthly report providing up-to-date independent information on the project, identifying any new risks as well as recommendations for addressing them, and confirming that the investor can draw funds as part of the loan.

3. phase

When the project is completed, a final site visit is made and a final project report is written, confirming that the project has been completed in accordance with the initial brief and expectations and specifying any agreed and completed changes. This also includes a review of both the construction and administrative completion of the project – site handover, the occupancy permit, and handover to the tenant for use.


The members of our team have more than ten years’ experience in the bank monitoring of residential, office, retail and industrial projects, including new developments and refurbishments, for many commercial banks. We have been working with Komerční banka, UniCredit Bank Czech Republic and Slovakia and Raiffeisenbank for a long time. We have also provided bank monitoring in projects for Expobank CZ.