Much like project management, construction management is a full-on service we provide to clients that includes managing, coordinating, supervising and reporting on everyone involved in the project during the preparations, while construction is in progress, and all the way through to the commissioning of the building. The main difference between the two services lies in the involvement, or not, of a general contractor – there isn’t one in construction management. Instead, we divide the construction project into logical lots, which we put out to tender separately. The construction manager’s role is then to coordinate the contractors of these lots during construction.


The absence of a general contractor translates into cost savings of between four and eight per cent (depending on the size of the project) because contractors’ prices are free of the general contractor’s coordination fee, reserves and profit. The gradual tendering of the initial packages (demolition, foundations, etc.) also saves time for the client because construction work can start while tendering for additional works is still under way. We believe the biggest advantage of construction management is that the project preparation and management team, which drives the construction process forwards, is on the side of the investor at all times. This gives investors know-how and capacity that will yield greater flexibility than they would have under the general contractor model.


In other countries, construction management is accepted as a normal way of managing construction projects. Now its popularity is growing in the Czech Republic as well. Our team has experience of managing large and small projects alike. Take, for example, the construction of the Maison Ořechovka luxury apartments in Prague.


Harnessing the know-how of our people, we provide cost-effective solutions as early as the design phase, either by reviewing the design work or, ideally, by having the documentation drawn up within our own Design & Architecture department. As we move on to subsequent stages, we come up with the optimal split into lots, hold individual tenders, and coordinate individual contractors directly on the construction site.

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