Cost management is a vital aspect of any project. In the early stages, cost management helps to find the right amount of capital expenditure through cost planning. In conjunction with value engineering and design management, we use it in the pre- construction phase in order to make the project more profitable for the client. We can organise tendering procedures on our own or in cooperation with the project management team.

In the construction phase, we mainly focus on variation management and claim management, making sure that the client has all the technical and contract inputs needed to respond to extra work claims made by the general contractor. Checking progress reports for the purposes of interim payment certificates and final accounts is an obvious part of our job.

A good cost manager gives the client control over the value of the project, at any point in time. They can assist in varying the project and properly managing all the risks related to such developments.

In addition to this professional know-how, our cost managers also have a thorough knowledge of various development segments such as residential, offices, hotels, retail, logistics, and others. Being constantly involved in tendering procedures and in the construction of projects, they are up to date on the current prices of materials and works. Cost estimates therefore reflect actual market prices and greatly contribute to the accuracy of pricing.

We have developed a proprietary cost planning and tendering software package, that makes the quality of our work even better and more efficient. We closely cooperate with and provide insight to our colleagues from other departments such as the architects and designers, MEP engineers or construction management experts.