Much of the success of an investment hinges on its architectural concept. A well-rounded concept accords equal priority to design, construction, technology and economics. We work on projects with clients from the outset, when the very first ideas are being raised and the initial sketches are being drawn, so that we can deliver the aesthetics and features they need within the budget they have set. 

Working according to the client brief, the very first thing we tend to do is draft several versions of the floor and spatial plans. These become the input for a feasibility study and the architectural design itself. It is when projects are taking their first steps that we deliver the highest value added to the client. By spotting opportunities or, conversely, drawing attention to ill chosen approaches early on, we help investors to maximise profit or avoid hefty losses.

We provide an all-round service that encompasses feasibility studies, concept design, documentation required for zoning permit and building permits, tender documentation, construction documents, and as-built documents. We work closely with experts in other areas, such as MEP or cost management, whose thorough knowledge of current market prices enables us to put a price on the client’s plans before they have even taken off.

We do this so that investors have a chance to contemplate what they need to do next and, before it is too late, revise the project so that it meets their highest expectations and they are not caught by any nasty surprises during the actual construction. We know which steps to combine in the procedure in order to shorten the preparatory stage, while avoiding later variations that will protract the whole construction process.

Our experts are ready to consult your plans in detail and lend a hand to get them moving.

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