Development monitoring

Major construction projects require major budgets, often necessitating the involvement of a bank or another commercial lender. Our objective is to protect the interests of both the lender and the investor in order to achieve the common goal of completing the project successfully.


We provide independent consultancy to third parties that are involved in development projects and have a direct interest in the successful completion of the project, yet have no direct control over its execution. We help them to understand the project’s opportunities and risks, so that they can make decisions on the basis of well-founded information. Our clients typically include banks, institutional investors, project partners and tenants.


Our task during the course of the project is to combine a thorough understanding of the investor’s business plan and the financial and timetable risks identified in the project with hands-on experience of project design, preparation and execution. We also help investor teams by offering our broad knowledge and the professional insight than an extra set of eyes can provide.


Our chief goal is to assess the risks throughout the course of the development in order to better protect clients’ interests and achieve the project objectives.