By law, health and safety (H&S) coordinators should be assigned to virtually every construction site. Their work starts at the project preparation stage, when they draw up a detailed H&S plan that takes into account all of the general and specific risks posed by the project. During construction, H&S coordinators are responsible for checking, monitoring and assessing how the general contractor and other contractors are progressing in their work. Another of their responsibilities is to require that action be taken to fix any violations of the principles of safe construction.

Our H&S coordinators undergo all the training needed – even beyond the scope of statutory requirements – for them to have the highest skills and professionalism to carryout their job responsibly. We have years of experience and deliver the best the industry has to offer. We appoint H&S coordinators to oversee projects of all sizes, whether large-scale developments or smaller fit-outs.

Our Due Diligence experts also draw on H&S coordinators’ expertise and experience.