Kotelna Park, Stages I and II

Kotelna Park, Stages I and II

Services provided:

technical supervision

Development type:



Walter KPA (a Red Group company)


Praha 5 – Radlice


02/2015 – 09/2016, 08/2018 – 02/2020


CZK 180 million and CZK 450 million

The first stage entailed the renovation of the historic boiler room at the Waltrovka factory. This project was designed and built directly for specific tenants: BOSCH and BSH domácí spotřebiče. The design made use of the exposed frame to create an outdoor atrium and relaxation zone. The way the complex has been laid out allows the technical operations of the after-sales service/repair section to be separated completely from the publicly accessible areas and offices.


The ground floor is dominated by the showroom, where the tenant has created a “path of light gates”. Other parts of the buildings are used for offices, a training and customer centre, a canteen and storage facilities. The boiler rooms, with their 120 m high chimney, remain a landmark feature of the Radlice Valley. The first stage of the Kotelna Park project was named the Building of the Year 2017.


This was followed by the second stage of the administrative project: a building with six storeys and two underground levels, offering almost 12,000 m² of new office space. Each floor has its own unique terrace and offers unique views of Prague and the Radlice Valley. Two underground levels are taken up by parking. The first underground level has a dining room with its own kitchen.