Having 19 above-ground and 3 underground stories and 17 300 square meters for rent, the building is characterised by its modular facade that is composed of regular plastic elements made of aluminium tiles at the eastern and western side. The fully glazed southern facade is provided with offset vertical sun breakers that stress the verticality of the entire building. It has been designed as energy saving so that it could be granted the BREEAM Excellent certificate.

The AFI CITY project is being developed on a brownfield the area of which is 15 hectares. In addition to office and shopping premises, it will offer housing in already completed blocks of apartments as well as reclaimed public land including a park. Their area is 7 500 square meters. The construction of an apartment accommodation facility will start in the autumn of 2020.

Services provided by OM Consulting in connection with project included the procurement of the building permit, engineering, project management in the preparatory and implementation phases, quality management (technical supervision) and cost management.

The team works is lead by the experienced project manager Ing. Vojtěch Jeníš.