Our job included technical assessment of the property condition including civil structures, fire safety and H&S equipment, all the building´s MEP and installations to the check of the completeness and correctness of the design and operational documentation. We assessed and provided comments on legal documents relating to the technical part such as permits, easements, contracts of work, warranties defects agenda etc. Our scope also included assessment of possible environmental risks associated with the building and land referred to as an environmental desktop.

Precise execution of a due diligence is of key importance for a buyer to establish properly a property value, SPA´s (Sell-Purchase Agreement) terms and conditions and to identify any possible and future risks related to property operation and administration.

A team set up specifically for this job included among others an experienced civil engineer, MEP engineers, fire safety and HSE experts. The team was led by an experienced TDD manager, Ing. Alžběta Korbačková.

Central Kladno is the biggest shopping centre in the Central Bohemian region. The intention of the new owner is to convert it into a central point of leisure activities and entertainment for the entire city of Kladno. Let´s congratulate both parties on the successful completion of the transaction and wish the new owner effective implementation of his future plans!