We have a team numbering some one hundred experts in diverse fields who are on building sitesevery day, are familiar with modern technologies and work methods, know the current prices of materials and works, keep up with market trends, and are ready to advise you. We have built up a wide network of external partners whose services we can use as and when clients find themselves faced with issues such as traffic requirements, structural stability, and land contamination. 


Our people regularly attend training beyond what is required of them by law. We are a well- coordinated team sharing our experience with each other and pulling together to ensure that the client always receives the best possible service.

Ing. Michal Mühlbauer, PhD.

Michal Mühlbauer is one of OM Consulting’s founders and executives. He has many years’ construction experience both in the Czech Republic and abroad. His international insight serves as a solid foundation for his close work with Czech and foreign investors.

Ing. Ondřej Vala

Ondřej Vala is one of OM Consulting’s founders and executives. He has been involved in construction and development since he was a student. He has been a technologist – pre-production engineer – for a general contractor and, on the owner side of the aisle, he has worked as a project manager responsible for the preparation and implementation of hotel, administrative, residential and multi-purpose projects.

Ing. Aleš Kocábek
Managing Director

Aleš Kocábek has headed OM Consulting since January 2021. For the two years before that, he was the leader of a team of sixty experts at the company’s pivotal Project Management Department and oversaw dozens of projects across the country.

Ing. Martin Hubač
Head of Project Management and Construction Management

Martin Hubač joined OM Consulting as a member of the project management team in 2019. He was subsequently placed in charge of the Construction Management Department, a new unit spun off from this team after clients showed an increasing interest in construction management services.

Ing. Martina Matoušková
Head of Technical Due Diligence

Martina Matoušková leads the technical team responsible for due diligence in the acquisition of all types of buildings and land for Czech and foreign clients (whether as buyers or sellers).

Ing. Karel Rod
Head of Technology

Karel Rod has headed the MEP Centre since its inception in 2020. The nine-member team here works on contracts across all market segments. It covers the initial design phase, construction, operation and the refurbishments of existing buildings. Karel Rod first joined the company in 2018 as a member of the Project Management Department.

Ing. arch. Jan Kupka
Head of Design & Architecture

Jan Kupka joined OM Consulting as head of Design & Architecture in 2020. The team he leads focuses on providing developers and investors with design and drafting services ensuring that clients get the functional and aesthetic criteria they want at a cost they are expecting.

Ing. Tomáš Černý
Head of Cost management

Tomáš Černý joined the company as a senior cost manager in 2014, since when he has been developing cost management services. As the company continued to thrive, a separate Cost Management Department was set up. Tomáš Černý, placed in charge of it in 2017