The construction of the Rezidence Erbenova residential project has advanced to another phase. The monolithic structure, waterproofing of the lower structure and lining have been completed. Now, windows and window frames, facades, plastering, floors, water tubing, sewerage, air-conditioning, electrical and other energy connections are being installed or prepared for installation.

 OM Consulting is working closely with EBM Construct as the general contractor. The entire project is very demanding in terms of coordination of all trades due to its complexity and difficult logistics. The project is located on a very sloping plot where we face lack of construction material dump space.

The project is located at a Hřebenky that is a popular residential area just a couple of minutes from the Prague downtown. Twenty-three luxury apartments are distributed on seven floors offering housing units ranging from smaller sizes to a spacious, three-storey five bedroom residence. The unique architectural concept that includes terraces and roof gardens follows the remarkable curves of the Strahov Hill. The project implementation started in the spring of 2020 and the project is expected to be completed at the turn of 2022/2023.