The technical due diligence of a project is a detailed assessment of real estate from a technical viewpoint. It can cover any stage: the assessment of land for future development, the design (in the study phase, documentation for zoning decisions or building permits, etc.), or the condition of existing buildings. We work on the side of either the seller or the buyer in the acquisition process, advise developers on the planning and preparation of their construction plans, and act as consultants to owners of large portfolios, where we focus on increasing building management standards and providing technical advice on the preparation of larger-scale investments (retrofitting, refurbishments, etc.).


We have performed technical due diligence on projects in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Poland, Serbia, Germany, other European countries.


At the heart of this process is an assessment of the technical condition of the property, including all structural components and the building envelope, fire safety, the technical infrastructure and connections, as well as the roadways and outdoor paved and green areas. Our work requires close cooperation with experts from other departments, especially MEP, project management and technical supervision on behalf of the investor, and to a lesser extent with cost management and construction management experts. Assessments of the condition and completeness of technical documentation are essential in technical auditing.


When we perform TDD for a future buyer, the audit also includes an assessment of the completeness and validity of permits to use all parts of the property, the identification of any easements, and an overview and assessment of contractual documentation with a technical overlap. We also estimate CAPEX planning for the next 10 or more years of building use.


Our goal is to approach each client individually, get a grasp of their needs, and provide them with a solid and secure base of information for their decisions.