The task of the specialist responsible for technical supervision (also referred to as a quality manager) is to make sure that the construction work is executed to a high quality standard. Ideally, technical supervisors begin their work while the design documentation is still being drawn up. At this stage, they check the project to see if the materials used, the technical solutions that are to be deployed and the build details proposed are fit for purpose. During construction, technical supervisors are responsible for quality control on an ongoing basis. In particular, they point out defects, make sure they are fixed and do the related paperwork. They also report on everything to the project manager and the investor’s representative.


Technical supervisors ensure the buildability of the concept designed by the architect to deliver the outcome expected by the client. Our technical supervision experts have extensive experience both of large-scale projects, where technical supervision is a job for a whole entire team, and of smaller contracts. We offer technical supervision services for administrative, residential, industrial, hotel and other forms of construction.