Indoor environmental and building services engineering plays an important role in every project. It determines the quality of the indoor environment and significantly affects the cost of future operations. They say that user comfort is what makes a building. Smart technologies can create high user quality at reasonable running costs, but the role they play is crucial much earlier – in the initial design stage.


We consider this area to be so important that, in order to provide clients with the very best service, we decided to create a separate MEP (mechanical, electrical, plumbing) department. The nine experts working here, having gained their experience from many different projects, deal with indoor environmental and building services engineering on a daily basis.


They work closely with colleagues from departments such as project management, cost management and construction management. However, the decisive moment for MEP experts to become involved in a project is actually right at the beginning, when the architects and designers are thinking up the first draft. Working with the Design & Architecture department, they optimise the design, using their know-how to help avert any unpalatable surprises at a stage when the investor would find itself incurring additional costs.


Our specialists also have experience of numerous refurbishments at sites such as shopping centres, office buildings, hotels, industrial complexes, and residential buildings.


Details of indoor environmental and building services engineering are also consulted with MEP experts by technical due diligence staff, who use their colleagues’ deep knowledge of this subject in the preparation of their reports.