OM Consulting experts have developed a proprietary project management software – OMCIS. It is tailor-made for both large and small-scale development projects. The objective was to digitalise processes in order to accelerate them as well as facilitate approvals and tracing. All documents are stored in a single place which allows an active project management in addition to the storage function.
The software is supposed to be used for an effective inspection of the task fulfilment and production of unified outputs.

“There has not been any such software in the Czech market. This is why we decided to invest in the development of a proprietary software. We want to streamline the entire project management process and, first of all, simplify it for better client´s orientation. This way, we can view all documents, monitor
individual project execution phases, and approve necessary documents from a single point”, said Aleš Kocábek, the OM Consulting Managing Director.

The core OMCIS software module features include:

– Design documentation: the process of the formulation of comments and approval of the design documentation where comments of all involved parties are clearly arranged in a single table
– Engineering services: a survey of the status of individual permits and list of occupancy permit documents

– Funding: administration, approval, and comments to change proceedings

– Execution: approval of samples, technological procedures, and notification of defects

The OMCIS software enables digitalisation of meeting minutes and inspection day logs including their automated distribution, digitalisation of documents such as the construction site/work take/handover protocols etc. As well, it may serve as a directory for the generation of contact sheets.

“We spent one and a half a year developing and intensively testing the software. In the next step, it proved itself in the real condition operation. The positive clients´ feedback assured us that the direction we were going was right. Therefore, we decided to implement it in the execution of all future projects”, Mr. Kocábek further explained.

The SW development team members are: Tereza Kubcová, Ing. Igor Smola, Ing. Vojtěch Jeníš, Ing. Pavel Kubica and Ing. Petr Lipš. The software was implemented by USPIN.